Escape rooms test the problem-solvinglateral thinking (“thinking outside the box“), and teamwork skills of participants by providing a variety of puzzles and challenges that unlock access to new items or areas in the game when solved

Here, at Twisted Escape Rooms players enter a room or area wherein a clock is started and they have 60 minutes to complete the game.

An escape room, is a game in which a team of players discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time.

Challenges in an escape room generally are more mental than physical, and it is usually not necessary to be physically fit or dexterous. Different skills are required for different types of puzzles, ranging from chemistry to mathematics, geography, and a basic understanding of other subjects. Our well-designed escape room puzzles don’t require players to have expert knowledge in any particular field; any specialized or little-known information required to solve a puzzle should be obtainable within the room itself.

If players get stuck, there may be a mechanism in place by which they can ask for hints. Hints are delivered by a live gamemaster.

Our rooms are family friendly, great entertainment for everyone.

How It Works

You are locked in a Room

The Clock is Ticking

Escape Before Time Runs Out

Our Escape Rooms

Pirate print for website
Pirate, the Legend of Dogfish Briggins

Family Friendly - All Ages

Strange times, these be, indeed… Don’t mind the skeletons, lubbers, they be the remains of the last group fixing to leave this room. Fair winds be before ye as you’re stranded here with but four clues—clues that will help you escape, and with it, a chance for real treasure. O’Malley be my name, and I’ve placed four items of significance for ye to find written on scrolls, but ye only have a limited time to solve the clues. Search quickly, stay focused, and beware old Dogfish Briggins, and maybe, just maybe, ye might find your freedom.

Snatched poster

Family Friendly - All Ages

You have been taken!!! The kidnappers won’t let you go until all of their requests have been made. You have 1 hour to unlock everything in the room, including the safe! You must disarm the alarm that triggers the explosion!

Dolls Atttic poster
Dolls Attic

Teenager, Adults

You found the will! You have been gifted an old creepy mansion! You and your friends decide to explore. You enter the attic and find your family secrets You must open the spirit portal and send the demons back to the world they came from.

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